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Last Saturday, 12.4.14, we welcomed an exclusive booking of anglers who have been coming to France for the last 20 years. A great group of guys who obviously know their stuff, and have a healthy competitive streak with each other. They had the draw for the swims on their drive over and the guy who came last in the draw came up with this new lake record fish this morning!

60lb 2oz Mirror

This fish is fit, all muscle and from our records has not been out for at least four years and has (almost) completed an outstanding week for Tony who has had his PB Mirror at 60lb 2oz (ours too!), his PB Common at 52lb 4oz, together with another two 40's and nine 30's and he still has a night to go!

This is the second time so far this season that the Lake Record has been broken and we are only 4 weeks in! So it looks like there may be some exciting times ahead!!


"A cluster of bubbles rises in the early morning mist not far from where you placed your bait just moments ago, but despite using all your cunning and guile your line remains slack and inactive. A fish rolls under an overhanging tree to your left, but you stick to your game plan. More bubbles appear and again nothing. Suddenly your line tightens, you lift your rod and you are into a carp, but this fish is heavier and stronger than any fish you have hooked before. Your heart is thumping as the fish makes one of many lunges for freedom, but finally, thankfully, you slip the net under a huge Common. Welcome to the experience that is Redmill."

This beautiful old 16th century lake is as close as you will get to fishing a traditional English estate lake with the potential of a huge French Carp. Despite its age, it holds an abundance of natural food within the numerous silt beds, and although you seldom see the fish on top you can only imagine the monsters that cruise below the overhanging weeping willows.

Redmill was established as a Carp fishery in 2002, and now with careful stocking and some huge original fish, Redmill is one of the most stunning and well stocked Carp waters in France. Take a look at our - catch reports.

60lb 2oz
52lb 8oz

Redmill is set amongst 15 acres of beautiful farm and woodland, and with the fully equipped fishing lodge set in a shady Poplar grove next to the lake it makes the ideal French Carp fishing holiday venue.

Anglers return year after year to fish Redmill, and those that choose to try other venues often come back. The quality of fishing and the beautiful surroundings are second to none. There is a good average size of Carp with many 30's, regular 40's and more than the occasional 50 coming out. With Catfish exceeding 120lb and Grass Carp to 40lb+ there is plenty of opportunity to land other specimens

Please read our feedback page to find out how much other anglers have enjoyed their Redmill experience. However, even with a head of around 400 fish in 9 acres it is not always easy. You have to work hard to catch the fish but the rewards are certainly worth it.

Located in the centre of Brittany, Redmill is easily accessible from all northern French ports. The night ferries from Portsmouth or Plymouth are a relaxing way to travel with only a 1 hour drive from St Malo or 3hrs from Caen or Cherbourg. Ferries to La Havre are a more economical option with a 3.5 hour drive. Whichever way you decide to travel to Redmill, we are sure you will have a memorable time.