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Well the new season is rushing up on us and the hard work to get the lake ready for next year continues. The end of last season saw some excellent catches, Neville Horsefield with 25 fish including 2 forties, 6 thirties and a lot of upper twenties as well. Matt Reynolds with 24 fish including 1 forty, 2 thirties and 11 twenties. Both caught some of the new stockies, they are mid to upper doubles now which means they are putting on 5 to 6lb a year, all of them beautifully scaled fish.

Top Angler - Paul Parker

Talking of stockies, take a look at this picture of Jez with a first time capture of an immaculate 32lb common.  Now,  Jez knows the lake and the fish that are in it like the back of his hand, and he is sure this is one of the fish he stocked 3 years ago at around 4lb. If he is right we seem to have a potential giant on our hands.   

The weather has been truly awful this winter, with all most non-stop rain.  However this has not deterred Jez and I (mostly Jez!!) from carrying out some major work on the swims. The platforms in some of the swims were rotting and needed to be replaced so we decided to use the most natural resource we had, the sweet chestnut coppice in the woods. We felled a number of twenty year old coppice trees to their original coppice stools (and we hope we can harvest these in the years to come for fence posts) we then cut the sections to length and flattened each side to use as swim fronts.  

Silt Bed before dredging

Nice to wet a line!
Sweet chestnut posts were cut to support the new fronts and the new swims were created.  All the platforms have now been removed and replaced with swim fronts and new drainage pipes have been dug into the ground, finally bark has been laid to absorb any excess water and have a more pleasing effect to the eye!.  

Nice to wet a line

Our next major job is to remove the large amount of silt that was washed into the lake a few years ago after a freak rain storm. Jez and I have designed and built a dredging machine to remove the silt and the dredging will hopefully be complete for the beginning of the season. This will increase the available area to fish in "all alone."
The Poplar grove at the far end of the lake is being strimmed to accommodate the new cabin,BBQ and dining area.  Sadly we were unable to complete these works during the winter months due to the wet conditions, but we are hopeful that we can get the cabin and BBQ/dining area erected in the summer months when the ground is firmer and the lake is quiet
The new website is up and running:, and it is now possible to book on line, order your bait and pay via paypal if you  want to. There is a picture gallery where you can see your capture photos ( provided you forward them to us!) by clicking on your name or clicking on your catch reports. Let us know what you think.
Due to a last minute cancellation one week has become available.
Week commencing  6th April .
Sorry but we can only accept an exclusive booking for this week.
We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible this coming season.
All the best
Daron & Jez