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Winter 2014/15 Newsletter 7
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Latest News from Redmill

Happy New Year!


The 2014 season is at an end but the hard work starts here.  Since the last anglers left at the end of October we have been busy working towards the new season.  To add to our list of things to do we made the decision to net Redmill for the first time ever.  We had several reasons for doing this. 

Firstly we wanted to take a view of the stock levels in Redmill so we could develop a sound management and stocking plan for the future.  Secondly, we needed to remove a number of catfish as they have been breeding successfully over the  years, this meant that we also had the ideal opportunity to stock our Catfish lake at the New Redmill venue.

Cold looking Geoff
We took the opportunity to video some of the netting, the results you can watch on our You Tube channel.  (Apologies for some of the langauge!)

Redmill Netting 1,          Netting 2,              Netting 3            Netting 4

The results were very interesting with over 100 cats removed to 80lb and re homed at our new venue.
We also netted catfish between 90lb to 124lb (shown in the image left). These remain in Redmill for the Cat enthusiasts.  See the video link 124lb Cat  for getting this Catfish on the bank.
All of the carp we netted were returned immediately.  Amongst these were some known fish to mid 50's and equally as many stunning Carp that we have not identified.  There were also many fish that evaded the net, including the record Common and Mirror, but looking at the size of the known fish the feeding programme is working and they are all continuing to pile on the pounds.

We also netted a surprisingly large number of Zander, many to double figures and a few Pike.  So together with the remaining catfish we have plenty of stock for the predator angler. 

We have decided to remove the remaining silt in the front of the lodge using a mini excavator de silting 1 .  This is due mainly to the large amount of sand  which the conventional de-silter was struggling with. The new lodge swim de silting will create an increased depth of an average 4 feet with some deeper holes.

Once again a massive thank you to Jack, Matty, Mike, Paul and Mark for their help during the desilting and netting and Craig, Jon and Neil for their hard work framing the swims too.

Silt Bed before dredging
Following the netting we decided to give the Redmill carp a little competition!

We  made a trip to our regular fish supplier and hand picked 26 carp averaging 34lb, including this 44lb common.

From the same supplier 20 carp, both Mirrors and Commons to 30lb were purchased for the New Redmill Carp Lake.

If you are wanting any further information about our new venue please
Contact us, we will be more than happy to answer any questions.
The work to the Mill House is coming along well. We have completed the exterior and the new timbers for the first floor are in place.  The beams have been hoisted into place and the joists have been milled on site using Sweet Chestnut from our own woodland, (videos are on our You Tube Channel).  Thanks so much to Alex and Pete for helping us fell and mill the timbers.  
We are having a massive push to get everything completed for the coming season and may be looking for volunteers for one last work party.  Keep an eye on the website left hand column for more details.  

2015 is getting quite booked up and we only have a few weeks left, please check on the website for availability.  

We look forward to seeing many of you soon.

All the best

Daron & Yvonne.