Carp Fishing in France

Latest News from Redmill
The lake record mirror was caught at 61lb 1oz and the big common hit a new top weight of 54lb 10oz.

The split tail common was caught for the first time in over 2 years at 43lb 8oz. This means there are 8 commons over 40lb now. There were also 2 new 50lb + mirrors caught .

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The Fishing

Redmill Lake Fish

Since 2002 there have been several stockings including in November 2002 of fifty eight carp averaging 35lb, December 2003 of fifty two carp averaging 25lb, March 2005 of thirty five carp averaging 32lb, in 2008 fifty five carp were stocked averaging 22lb, and in 2010 fifty home grown, handpicked carp raised in our stock pond were put in the lake, these fish are beautifully scaled mirrors and commons and are growing rapidly, putting on 4 -6lb a year. In December 2013 we personally selected six fish weighing between 35lb and 40lb including a stunning 40lb common. There is now a huge stock of carp in Redmill, with the latest stocking of 30 carp averaging 35lb including a 44lb common.

There is now a large head of 30lb, and many 40lb fish, with a number of those being upper 40's. There are 10 known 50's, including a 50lb common and a lake record of 61lb 2oz, and they are growing all the time.There is also Grass Carp to 40lb+ and Cats exceeding 120lb, but be warned you will need to step up your gear for them, alternatively we have specialist Cat Gear available to hire should you wish to have a try for these lumps. There are no Poisson Chat and very few crayfish to interfere with your baits.

Redmill is not the place to come if you want to catch the giants, but it can be incredibly prolific on its day with the right tactics, just take a look at the Catch Reports.

The fish are in immaculate condition, thanks to the care our guests take, and we intend to keep it this way. They also fight extremely hard! Being a soft bottom the fish have developed soft mouths, so it pays to play them gently or you may get a few hook pulls. Care of the fish is very important to us so all anglers are supplied with a carp cradle, giant unhooking mat and a recovery weigh sling. There is no rental charge but a deposit of 40 pounds or 50 euros is required.