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We spent the last few weeks of the closed season replacing the fence around the lake. Not only did it enable us to get rid of oceans of brambles, remove the dead and dying trees but we also have removed the Coypu which ensures the Lilly pads have half a chance and the newly planted Willows should survive!!!!

The desilting & Liming program is progressing and it has already changed the character of the lake with far more carp coming from the shallows. We have concentrated on the water in front of Double, Boom and Cut and have already seen that it has changed the water and is producing results.

The Lake

Redmill Lake
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Redmill is a beautiful and mature 9 acre lake which was hand dug in the 1600s for local peat extraction. The peat bottom creates a haven for natural food, this can make the fishing a little challenging at times.

Being hand dug, the bottom is irregular in nature with subtle variations. There are numerous silt beds and firmer areas, all providing feeding areas for the carp. The depth ranges from 3 feet in the shallows to 10 feet near the sluice.

The mature weeping willows make a fantastic back drop and prove to be a prime area for the carp to patrol. With two islands running down the middle of the lake you have your own water to fish, no matter which swim you choose, and with 12 swims there is room to move around. Some swims are close enough to have a social, others are a little more remote.

All the features are within catapult range. This allows for a very traditional type of fishing. All swims can produce good catches on their day, some being more intimate than others.